Cats are traditionally seen as easier to have than dogs; they’re seen as more independent and less demanding in terms of exercise, training and even attention. But that doesn’t mean that cats are easy. They can present interesting challenges which require creative thinking and a great deal of patience to overcome. Here are 14 brilliant tips to make life easier for cat owners.

  • Invest in a pet drinking fountaincat tips

Drinking fountains are such a simple way to keep your cats more hydrated and healthier.  Many cats don’t like drinking water from water bowls, which is a problem as they often suffer from dehydration which can lead to other health problems. A pet drinking fountain, with its constantly cascading supply of fresh water is far more appealing to cats.

  • Keep litter simple

There is a wide variety of cat litter on the market, from crystals that absorb odor to cedar wood chips. The problem is that cats don’t necessarily like going to the loo on litter that smells of chemicals or that may hurt their paws when they stand on it. Cats like litter that is plain, unscented and that clumps properly.


  • Stockpile sisal rope

Sisal rope can be your best friend if you have a cat. It makes for great scratching material and can be used to spruce up a tired old scratching post and to make certain items of furniture scratch-friendly; for example, you can wrap it around a table leg to preserve the wood or glue some sisal to blocks of wood and mount them at different heights on your walls.

  • Start reading cat

Cats speak volumes through their body language. Cats’ tails and ears can be particularly communicative, but you should also pay attention to their vocalisations. Once you can read your cat you will get a better sense of her moods and health.

  • Make your own cat hammockscat hammock

Cats like to lie tucked away under safe places. Homemade cat hammocks can be hung under tables, from shelves and on standalone frames. Lushome has some great ideas for homemade cat hammocks.

  • Provide hidey holes

Cats can’t see an impossibly tiny space without wanting to crawl into it. You can create safe hidey holes that make hiding comfortable and fun. Two wire coat hangers and an old t-shirt make a great cat tent for your kitty to hide in.

Boxes with holes cut into them are a very inexpensive and simple way to make hiding easy for your cat. You can also put a blanket or mat at the bottom to make it comfy.


rubber gloves

  • Get rid of cat hair

Cat owners never leave home without a fine coat of cat hair. Cat hair gets into everything and it can be difficult to clean. Fortunately, getting rid of cat hair doesn’t have to be a major challenge. Put on a pair of rubber gloves (dishwashing gloves) and run your hand over your lounge suite or business suit to pick up loose cat hair. Run the blade of a squeegee across your carpet to lift up hidden cat hair.

  • Engage your cat’s brain

Cats like to solve puzzles, so puzzle feeders are a great way to engage their brains while encouraging them to eat their dry food. You can also make fun puzzle toys by cutting shapes out of a box or plastic containers and putting in appropriately shaped toys which she can fish out. Some empty toilet rolls glued into an empty tissue box can also be used to play find it with treats or catnip mice.

  • Train your cat

Clicker training isn’t just for dogs. Cats can also be trained to perform tricks using clickers and treats. All you have to do is find something that your cat absolutely adores, like dried tuna or pilchard fudge.

  • Pumpkin munchingpumpkin

Pumpkin doesn’t just contain essential nutrients; it can also help your cat’s digestive system and prevent hairballs.

  • Catnip gardens

Most cats love catnip, yeah? Well, you can grow your own which prettifies your house and pleases your kitty.

  • Cap it

Protect your furniture and your skin by sheathing your cat’s claws in nail caps. No more inhumane declawing.

  • Buy pet insurance – a shameless plug!

One of the easiest and most sensible things you can do is buy cat insurance so that you can give your kitty the best medical care possible if she ever falls ill or is involved in an accident. Did we mention we sell it?!

  • Stack it

Cats like to climb – anything from curtains to cupboards. You can provide some climbing fun by installing short shelves at different levels. Cover them with carpet samples so that they are comfy to lie on and can be used as scratching pads.

cat rope