Puppy Insurance: Expand Your Pup’s World, Never Medical Bills

Keep Your Pup Bouncy, Playful & Healthy with Puppy Insurance

Puppies are cute little balls of fun. They run, they tumble, they play, they fall and they get up, but for all their boundless energy they are still vulnerable to illness, disease, accidents and injury. Puppy insurance helps minimize the severity of mishaps and sickness.

Very young puppies – up to 8 weeks old – are very vulnerable to serious illnesses, including parvo and distemper, which can be fatal. They remain vulnerable until they have completed their vaccination schedule, with the last vaccination being given when puppies are 16 weeks (4 months) old.

But you can’t keep puppies cooped up in a sterile environment until then to keep them healthy. In fact, from a behavioral point of view, the earlier you get your puppy out and about the better. Think of it as stress vaccination to prevent problems later on.

So what are you to do?
Firstly, choose safe environments to take your puppy during the first 16 weeks of their life. Secondly, keep up to date with vaccinations and feed your puppy a healthy and balanced diet. Thirdly, buy pet insurance that covers your puppy from 8 weeks old and up.

puppy insurance


What does puppy insurance cover?

Our insurance plans provide cover for a variety of common health problems that affect puppies, as well as their treatment options. Cover includes:

  • Accidents
  • Illnesses (including chronic, hereditary and congenital conditions)
  • Injuries, including cruciate ligament
  • Exam fees and medications
  • Alternative treatment options

In addition to traditional medical treatment, puppy insurance also covers complementary therapy options, such as:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal medication

Is puppy insurance worth it?

The short answer is Yes! Puppy insurance is definitely worth it. Aside from the risk of illnesses, such as parvo, distemper, kennel cough, pneumonia and vomiting and diarrhea, puppies are extremely curious which can make them accident prone. Puppy insurance plans cover puppies against a number of accidents and related health risks.

For example:

  • They could be chasing a fly, fall down the stairs and break a leg
  • They could be galloping after pigeons, trip into a hole and rupture a cruciate ligament
  • They could follow a ball into a thorn tree and need stitches
  • They could get too close to some bees while sniffing shrubbery and need treatment for multiple bee stings
  • They could dash out of your front gate in front of your neighbor’s car and need surgery to correct the resulting injuries
  • They can swallow pieces of toys, garden equipment or furniture and need surgery to remove the blockage

Insurance from puppyhood to adulthood

Pet insurance isn’t just for puppies because it provides ongoing cover into adulthood and senior years. The sooner you buy pet insurance for your puppy, the fewer exclusions to your policy due to any pre-existing illnesses. This means that if your dog develops a chronic condition, like hip dysplasia, urinary tract infections and kidney failure, later on, all treatment will be covered.

It’s estimated that a pet parent is slapped with a vet bill for more than $3,000 every six seconds, and that pet parents spend approximately $15.25 billion on vet care per year. With that mind, the question isn’t whether pet insurance for your puppy is worth the cost, but whether it’s worth the risk of being without it.