The Hungarian Vizsla is an excellent hunting dog and is capable of fulfilling many roles, including tracking, pointing and retrieving. Having so many talents means that Vizslas are intelligent working dogs with high energy levels and demanding exercise needs.

They respond very well to positive reinforcement training and dog spHungarian Vizsla pet dog insuranceorts, especially field trials and flyball.

Hungarian Vizslas are beautiful, which makes them popular with people who like good looks. However, not everyone understands how much work they need to stay happy and well adjusted. As a result, many end up at shelters or breed-specific rescue organisations. So, before you go out and buy Hungarian Vizsla puppies from a registered breeder, consider saving the life of an older puppy or adult dog.

Hungarian Vizsla Facts & Information

Group: The Hungarian Vizsla belongs to the sporting group of dog breeds, specifically the gundog group.

Life expectancy: 11 – 15 years

Size: Large. Height: 21 – 25 in. Weight: 44 – 66 lb.

Temperament: Intelligent, sociable, playful, affectionate and loyal.

Exercise: Hungarian Vizslas are demanding when it comes to exercise. You should begin early with puppy classes to teach basic obedience and for early socialization. Carry on with thinking dog sports (canine freestyle and rally) and more active dog sports (agility, flyball and field trials).

General care: The Vizsla’s short coat doesn’t require intense grooming, just brush it a few times a month.

Health concerns: Vizslas are prone to a few breed-specific health problems. These include hip dysplasia, allergies epilepsy, eye problems, and auto-immune disease.

Even without breed-specific medical concerns, it’s a good idea to get comprehensive pet dog insurance. Cover provides protection for health problems, treatment options and even loss and travel.

Final word

Hungarian Vizslas are smart, active, friendly, devoted and good with children. Provided children are old enough to cope with a boisterous dog. You need to provide plenty of outlets for all that energy and intelligence. Don’t expect to keep your Vizsla content with a bit of a run in the garden and a walk now and then. Bored Vizslas tend to develop behavioral problems. So put in a bit of work, don’t let your dog get bored, and enjoy a strong, loving bond.