Find Out How Our Easy Pet Insurance Plans Work

If you’re looking for affordable, customizable and user-friendly pet insurance plans for your dog or cat, then you’ve come to the right place. provides a range of pet plans and cover options to ensure that your beloved dog or cat gets the best care possible. Comprehensive pet insurance plans provide cover for injuries, accidents and illnesses. Accident-only plans are more affordable but also more limited.


How do our pet insurance plans work?

You can choose your level of coverage based on your pet’s health needs and your financial status. You can also choose to top up your standard Lifetime and Family insurance plans with riders (add-ons) which round out your pet’s cover with routine wellness care. Insurance add-ons include spaying and neutering, teeth cleaning, vaccines and routine veterinary exams for dogs and cats.

Provided you renew your policy annually, cover is available for your pet’s entire lifetime. You can insure up to three pets (younger than 10 years old) on one multi-pet policy. Additionally, there is no upper age limit, so you can buy coverage for pets older than 10 years of age.

Accident coverage begins the very next day but you will have to wait 14 days before you can make any claims for illnesses or disease. Pets don’t have to be examined by a veterinarian before coverage is approved and your dogs and cats don’t have to be spayed or neutered for them to benefit from our pet insurance plans.

Making a claim

If your pet is ill or injured in an accident, or just needs routine care which is covered by your rider, then all you have to do is visit your veterinarian and pay for the consultation and treatment as usual. Then you complete the claim form and send it, along with vet records and an itemized receipt to

We endeavor to provide rapid response and turnaround times, so confirmation of your claim will be provided within 72 hours.

Remember: You can upgrade or downgrade your pet insurance plan whenever you choose.

Get a quote for pet insurance plans now and help keep your pets in excellent health for their entire lives.