Kitten Insurance Sees Kitty to Adult Cat in Safety

Kitten Insurance Helps You Take Care of Your Flouncy, Fluffy, Fancy-Free Kitten

Kittens are mischievous and innately curious, and can get into all sorts of trouble. The kind of trouble that results in injuries and sometimes even illness which require expensive veterinary treatment. Fortunately, kitten insurance helps you ensure your kit gets the best medical care available. She’ll be back on her feet and satisfying her curiosity in no time.

Kittens from healthy and fully vaccinated moms are born with natural immunity, but this wears off as they get older and they need vaccinations to protect them against serious illnesses. Kittens should get their first round of vaccinations when they’re between 6 and 7 weeks old. It is a 3-in-1 vaccine and includes feline distemper, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus (and sometimes chlamydophila). The second 3-in-1 (or 4-in-1) vaccine is given at 10 weeks. The third combination vaccine is given at 13 weeks, along with a shot for feline leukemia. Kittens get their last round of vaccines at 16 – 19 weeks. It includes the combination shot and feline leukemia. Adult cats should get annual booster shots to maintain the level of protection. Annual boosters are also necessary to comply with pet health insurance conditions.

kitten insurance

Vaccines don’t cover every single illness that can affect kittens. These include urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, ear mites, coccidia and giardia (symptoms include severe diarrhea), eye infections, sinusitis and  intestinal worms. Pet insurance covers the majority of illnesses that affect kittens, so you aren’t faced with rocketing vet bills.


What does kitten insurance cover?

It depends on the level of cover that you buy. We offer three kitten insurance plans that cover a wide range of illnesses and mishaps with differing annual limits. Pet insurance plans cover:

  • Illnesses (including chronic, congenital and hereditary conditions)
  • Injuries
  • X-rays and ultrasounds
  • Periodontal diease
  • Alternative therapies

In addition to vet fees for illnesses and accidents, kitten insurance covers complementary therapy options, including:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal medication

Why should you consider health insurance for your kitten?

Because life is unpredictable and kittens are even more so. Any number of their games and journeys of exploration could end in tears.

For example:

  • They could play with some bees hanging around your flowerbed, get stung multiple times and need emergency treatment for an allergic reaction.
  • They could leap fearlessly around your rockery and tear open their paw pads on the rough surface.
  • In a fit of bolshie they could take on the neighbor’s dog and need surgery to repair the damage.
  • They can swallow anything they find on the ground, including bits of plastic, fallen needles, pins or paperclips and the fluff from a dissected toy, and need surgery to remove the blockage.

Cat insurance helps kittens reach a healthy, ripe old age

It’s highly recommended to get kitten insurance as soon as you bring the little tyke home. Not only will your kitten be covered for a variety of illnesses but she will also be covered for most adult conditions (including chronic conditions like diabetes) because she won’t have had the chance to develop any ‘pre-existing’ illnesses.

You may never claim medical expenses for your kitten; unfortunately, senior cats often develop conditions that need expensive care. A long claim-free history is beneficial when your healthy kitten becomes an ailing senior citizen. No matter how you look at it, insurance for you kitten makes financial sense.