What are Family Plans on the Full Pet Insurance Menu?

USAPetCover.com’s Family Plans are designed for multi-pet households. You can insure up to 3 pets younger than 10 years old on one policy and benefit from discounted premiums. When you purchase pet insurance under a Family Plan, you benefit not only from accident and illness coverage, but can also save up to 30% on your rates.

You don’t have to start off on a Family Plan; you can buy a Lifetime Plan for your single pet and change to a Family Plan when you add more dogs and cats to your home.

Family Plans have several benefits

Benefits on our Family Plans are the same as Lifetime plans and include:

  • Accident and illness coverage
  • Congenital, chronic and hereditary coverage
  • Bilateral condition coverage
  • Cruciate coverage (after first year)
  • No per-incident limit
  • Periodontal disease coverage
  • Annual limits of $5000, $10,000 and $20,000, dependent on the plan you choose
  • You can visit any licensed veterinarian, specialist and emergency hospital

You don’t have to worry about the high cost of paying for expensive medical care for each and every pet in your household. All you have to do is buy a family plan and rest assured that all the dogs and cats in your household are well covered by comprehensive pet insurance. Don’t forget, you can also purchase add-ons to fill any gaps in your pet insurance cover, including routine care (vaccinations) and wellness exams.

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