Cat Insurance Provides Cover for Sick and Injured Pets

Pet Insurance Keeps Kits & Cats Fit & Healthy

Cats can be awesome in their agility but they don’t always land on their feet. If your cat’s sprightliness isn’t enough to save her from an accident or injury, or if she catches one of the common feline illnesses, you want to be able to provide her with the best veterinary care that money can buy. With’s cat insurance plans, your frisky feline can get exactly that – the best vet care, the best medication and the best alternative therapy.

You can choose between three plans with different annual limits: $5000, $10,000 and $20,000. Note that there is no age limit and no per-incident limits. Your cat can enjoy full medical benefits until she is completely healthy and fit again. You can also choose between a number of add-ons to customize your cat insurance policy so that it includes things like routine wellness costs.



What does cat insurance cover?

cat insurance

Our cat insurance packages cover a range of illnesses, injuries and their accompanying treatment options, including:

  • Accidents, injuries and surgeries, including cruciate ligaments
  • Exam fees, diagnostic tests, x-rays and ultrasounds
  • Hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions, including cancer and hip dysplasia
  • Hospitalization and medication
  • Emergency and holistic care
  • Alternative therapies

You are not limited to a network of approved veterinarians, instead you can go to any licensed vet in the country who you feel can offer your cat the best care.

You can also benefit from our multi-pet discount, which allows you to insure up to three pets on one policy. Insurance is available for kittens older than 8 weeks with no upper age limit for senior cats.

Why should you buy cat insurance?

Medical treatment for the most common conditions that affect cats can be costly. For example, a simple upset stomach can cost over $380 to treat, allergies can cost upwards of $230 to treat, urinary tract infections can cost nearly $300 to treat, and treatment for an upper respiratory infection can top $215.

If you have a cat who likes to roam the neighborhood and perhaps doesn’t back away from a fight, she stands a much greater risk of being injured and contracting infectious diseases than a cat who likes to spend most of the day and night in human company. Indoor cats aren’t, however, immune to illness and injury. Cat insurance will ensure that essential medical costs are covered and your cat is back on her feet, or on your lap, in no time.

The sooner you get insurance for your cat, the better because you minimize the chance of pre-existing conditions presenting. So don’t delay and get a quote for comprehensive and affordable cat insurance now.