All puppies are cute, no matter what their breed. In fact, some of the cutest puppies in the world are mixed breed pups. But sometimes the fates conspire to give us adorably cute puppies that love to flaunt their stuff for the camera.

Let’s look at some outstandingly cute puppies.

cute puppies - Schnauzer puppy


All schnauzers start out this cute. They grow up to be regal and elegant Miniature, Standard or Giant adult dogs. All three types are great companion dogs, perfect for families who like going out and taking their furry friends with them. Standard schnauzers were developed as working dogs to catch vermin and guard homesteads and livestock. Miniature and Giant schnauzers were developed using Standard schnauzer lines, and were also intended to be working dogs. Schnauzers originated in Germany, but they have become popular all over the world and now you can find reputable breeders and sweet-as-pie cute puppies in most countries.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This cute little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy is acting coy for the camera, but they are fun-loving live-wires. The British breed was originally favoured by the wealthy upper-classes for hunting. They got their name from King Charles II who adored the breed. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies are cute and super-friendly. They love meeting new people and other dogs and they can carry their friendliness and affectionate nature into adulthood. Provided they get the right kind of training and socialisation as puppies, that it.

Bulldog Puppy


Look at all the fatness and the wrinkles – what could be cuter than a bulldog puppy? English bulldogs were bred for unpleasant purposes but these days they live out their lives as friendly, affectionate and slobbery playful dogs. Bulldogs tend to be easy-going and adapt well to most living conditions, including multi-pet and multi-children households. Just bear in mind that your puppy’s cute snoring will get louder and less cute as they get older.

Basset puppy


The long ears, the sad eyes, the cuteness packed into one long package. Basset puppies might have sad eyes that contribute to their cute look, but they are far from sad dogs. Basset hounds are friendly, loving and affectionate with more energy (and speed) than you may realise. They like to keep their noses to the ground, which means they love dog sports that involve scent work. Bassets are intelligent dogs. So extend your puppy’s training to canine freestyle or rally free, where they’ll learn tricks to make them even cuter.

shar pei puppy

Shar Pei

The only puppy that can rival the bulldog for cute fat and wrinkles is the Shar Pei; after all, who can resist a face as grouchy as that? The Chinese Shar Pei is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They were originally bred to hunt, herd and protect households and livestock. Nowadays, they’re happy to sleep on your couch and enjoy some play, walks and training. Early training is highly recommended to help them learn good manners and to help you get the most out of your relationship with this cute, but aloof dog.

Dalmatian puppy


You don’t need 101 of these cute puppies to get your cute fix. Dalmatian puppies look sweet and floppy with feet and ears that need a lot of growing into. They become elegant sporty-looking dogs with wonderful zest for life and human companionship. Dalmatians are very energetic and enjoy active families who hike, cycle and jog. They also need mental stimulation to keep boredom at bay, and enjoy dog sports like agility and rally free. Puppy classes and ongoing socialisation are a must if you want your Dalmatian to love children and get on with other animals.

Rottweiler puppy


This little Rottweiler puppy says it’s tiring work being this cute. Rottweiler puppies like a good romp and play and that doesn’t change as they get older. Rottweilers are an energetic breed and enjoy long hikes, enthusiastic play and mental stimulation such as obedience training, heel work to music and canine freestyle and rally free. Early training is highly recommended so that Rottie families can instill good behaviour and self-control before puppies learn how strong they are and decide they want to live life according to their self-prescribed rules. They respond very well to positive reinforcement, reward-based clicker training.

Daxie puppy

Dachshund (Daxie)

There’s no resisting a face as cute as this Dachshund puppy. You may be pleased to know that Daxie cuteness comes in several varieties. The breed comes in Standard and Minuature varieties and with long hair, smooth hair and wirehair. Their diminutive size made them ideal for rooting prey out of their holes. Their feisty personalities and vocalisation meant they were also used as guard dogs. Daxies are smart, funny and active, so they really enjoy activities like Canine Good Citizen, competition obedience and rally free. They’re great for families and can get on with other pets. However, watch them around small animals as they have a very strong prey drive.

Australian cattle dog

Australian Cattle Dog

When you gotta nap, you gotta nap, even if it’s in the middle of chewing a tasty tennis ball, according to this cute Australian Cattle Dog puppy. Aussie cattle dogs were bred to work long and hard on demanding Australian terrain. They need plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and prevent boredom-based destructive behaviour. Aussie cattle dogs love a variety of dog sports and training. They also enjoy long, active outings with their families, so don’t go hiking without them. Early training and socialisation are essential to stop your Aussie cattle dog from herding your kids and cats.

Pug puppyPug

This little pug puppy looks like he could a whiff of something unpleasant, although what is unpleasant for cute puppies is difficult to determine. Pugs have a royal background, being favoured by Chinese emperors, but since they made their way around the world in the 16th century you don’t need to have blue blood to make a pug part of your family. Pugs may be tiny, but those little bodies are packed with more energy than you might think. They need plenty of exercise and enjoy various dog sports, including agility. You haven’t seen cute until you’ve seen a pug race around an agility course. They’re happy, friendly and affectionate dogs and as such as great for families with young children.

Siberian Husky puppy

Siberian Husky

This cute Siberian husky’s face says that he is ready and raring to go – and you better believe that he will be ready and raring for the rest of his life. Huskies are one of the hardest working dog breeds in the world, bred to run long distances, hauling heavy sleds through snow and ice. They are not the kind of dogs who will be happy to sit on your cough or laze on your patio and watch the world go by. Appropriate physical exercise and mental stimulation are vital to your husky’s sanity, not to mention yours. Husky’s can be aloof, but early socialisation and training helps to build a strong bond with your puppy, which lasts into adulthood, so you can enjoy a mutually happy relationship.

Beagle puppy


Beagles are highly intelligent, full of fun and overflowing with energy, so be prepared to take up dog sports to keep them cute and lovable rather than bored and restless. As hunting dogs, they have a keen sense of smell, which can be put to good use in dog sports that rely on scent work. They also have a spring in their step which makes them great agility dogs. They’re loyal and love their families to a fault, but they don’t particularly like to be alone, so consider a canine companion or see if you can make arrangements to take your puppy to work with you; your co-workers will thank you for bringing some cute into their lives.

Pit bull puppy

American Pit Bull Terrier

Who could discriminate against a face that cute? Pit bulls have a bad reputation for being vicious attack dogs who maul children for fun. The truth is that while pit bulls have been bred as fighting dogs for their ferocity and strength, given half a chance and proper socialisation they can also be gentle, loving and affectionate. Pit bull puppies are full of bounce, which is cute when they’re young, but less so when they hit 70lb. Ongoing training for mental stimulation and plenty of physical exercise will channel all of that energy so that your pit bull terrier remains sweet and cute, even when she’s no longer a puppy.

Corgi puppy


This cute puppy shows that even feisty corgis need something to hold when they go to sleep. Corgis are fearless herding dogs – heelers who get close enough to livestock hooves to keep them in line. They carry this attitude from puppyhood into adulthood, so you need to channel it properly to ensure your precious puppy stays cute and manageable, and doesn’t end up chasing and barking at everything that moves. Corgis are highly intelligent and respond well to positive reinforcement-based clicker training. They’re affectionate, loyal and charming and make great family pets for active families.

GoldenGolden retriever puppies Retrievers

These cute golden retriever puppies are getting a kick out of life. As a breed, golden retrievers are known to be happy, loving, affectionate, loyal and fun-loving. They’re very popular as family pets because they get on so well with all family members, from grannies to toddlers, and they tend to get on well with other dogs too. They’re always up for a game but all of this energy needs to be positively channelled so that they don’t get themselves into trouble. Golden retrievers are intelligent dogs and excel at learning tricks and participating in dog sports such as agility, canine freestyle and rally free.

labrador retriever puppy

Labrador Retriever

This Labrador puppy looks set to win a cute contest with his cheery flowers and dashing orange jacket. As retrievers, labbies love carrying objects around in their mouths and really enjoy toys that they can get their teeth into, especially tennis balls. They can be tireless in their playfulness and enjoy vigorous training exercises like agility, canine freestyle, scent work and rally free. Labradors are very food motivated, and they can easily become overweight unless their diets are managed properly. Like golden retrievers, they are friendly, loving, loyal, affectionate and excellent family pets.

Border collie pup

Border Collie

This Border collie pup knows how to work the camera for maximum cute effect. Border collies are great family pets because they’re gentle, fun-loving, confident and highly intelligent and trainable. They’re particularly well-known for their agility skills – and field trials, of course – but they do well in other forms of training too, like canine freestyle, scent work and rally free. They bond strongly to their families and get on with people of all ages, from senior citizens to toddlers.

Weimeraner puppy


Weimeraners are gorgeous dogs, but as puppies they are especially cute. They’re gun dogs with a strong hunting drive. Weimies have enormous amounts of energy and can go all day without tiring. If you want a weimeraner puppy to learn self-control and channel his energy in positive ways then you need to start training with puppy school and keep going to classes like competition obedience, rally free and agility. They also do very well at scent work. Weimies thrive on attention and bond closely to their families, so it’s not a good idea to leave them alone at home for long periods of time. They love being part of your life, so they’ll appreciate it if you take them along on your adventures.

Chihuahua puppy


Teacup puppy – You’re doing it right! This cute Chihuahua takes being a teacup puppy very seriously and while there is definitely some growing in her future, she’ll probably still fit into a giant coffee mug as an adult. Chihuahua’s epitomise the saying, “Dynamite comes in small packages,” as they are feisty, spirited, confident and fearless. Puppy classes are essential to teach them appropriate play and healthy dog-dog and dog-human interactions. Chihuahuas, especially toy or teacup Chihuahuas, don’t need a lot of exercise; regular interactive play and training sessions are more than enough to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. While many families want small dogs like Chihuahuas to get along with their small children, the truth is that they are too small and delicate for young children to handle responsibly. Always bear dog size and children’s ages and levels of responsibility in mind before getting a cute small or miniature breed puppy.

German shepherd puppies

German Shepherd

German shepherd puppies’ ears start off droopy and go on to have a ridiculously cute tilt before they straighten up in adulthood, giving them their distinctive always-alert look. GSDs are well known for their trainability, intelligence, bravery and loyalty. Puppy school and ongoing training through adolescence will teach your German shepherd pup important traits like self-control and basic obedience, and also teach you how to train your puppy’s brain so that she becomes an astute problem solver. They are active dogs who enjoy regular exercise, like hiking and jogging. German shepherds make excellent family pets, acting as both protector and loving.

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