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  1. Birman cats - red lynx point

    Discover All You Need to Know About Birman Cats

    Birman cats regularly rank among the top 10 preferred cat breeds in the world, and it’s no wonder with their good looks and friendly personalities.…

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  2. Australian Mist cats

    Discover All You Need to Know About Australian Mist Cats

    Australian Mist cats are a cross between Burmese, Abyssinian and Australian domestic short hairs. They were originally called Australian Spotted Mist cats. That is, until…

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  3. american shorthair cat

    Discover All You Need to Know About American Shorthair Cats

    American Shorthair cats originated with the cats that crossed the Atlantic with the European settlers. Their good looks and sweet personalities made them a favorite…

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  4. dogs_love

    What Are the Best Companion Dogs? Or why size doesn’t matter

    Technically, the term companion dogs refers to those bred purely for companionship, like pugs and Pekingese. However, any dog that loves people and is loyal and…

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  5. vet-exam

    Why Regular Pet Wellness Exams are Critical for Good Health

    When was the last time you went for a check-up? You know, blood pressure, cholesterol, maybe your blood sugar levels. Or maybe you have recently…

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  6. dog tv

    TV for Dogs: Company for Canines or Senseless Service?

    Those of us who have canine companions tend to adore them and will do almost anything for them. Well, American TV company CEO Gilad Neumann…

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  7. dog-in-rain

    Fun, Interactive Games for You, Your Dog & Rainy Days

    Whoever said, “Bring me a dog who doesn’t like to play and I will stand on my head,” knew the quintessential nature of man’s best…

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  8. boy-with-dog

    Kids and Dogs: Proof that Dogs Reduce Anxiety in Children!

    As if we needed any more reason to value the companionship of dogs, it turns out that kids benefit from having a dog around in…

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  9. lemur

    Compelling Reasons Why Exotic Pets Aren’t a Good Idea

    Have you ever seen a monkey in a movie and thought, hey, that’s cute, I want one of those? Maybe you’ve seen celeb with exotic…

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  10. chocolate

    Discover What Exactly Makes Chocolate Toxic for Dogs?

    It’s well-known that chocolates release feel-good hormones in people. So much so that there are those who argue that chocolate could be addictive. Just ask…

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