What’s the difference between cats and dogs? Cats see us as slaves rather than BFFs. The superior attitude is underscored by cats’ haughty attitude, which made cats equal to humans in the eyes of the ancient Egyptians. Haughty or not, cats and kittens love to play, even if it’s with the leaves outside rather than with you. Whether you have a kitty who thinks you are the bee’s knees when it comes to play, or you desperately want some ideas to make yourself more interesting to your cat, we have some great cat toys and activity suggestions for you.

Interactive cat toys are great on many levels. TheyInteractive cat toy engage cats’ brains, tap into their predatory motor patterns, use their senses and generally provide fun and stave off boredom. Then there is the entertainment value as you watch your feline friend get lost in a world of intense focus. Remember that it’s important to supervise your cat’s play. Partly for safety and partly because your interaction helps your relationship with kitty.

Fun cat toys and interactive activities

Catit Design Senses Massage Center

Catit Design Senses has a range of innovative and interactive cat toys, including this fun Massage Center. The Massage Center caters to all of your cat’s senses, giving them a special treat and providing a host of beneficial qualities. The center appeals particularly to your cat’s sense of smell and touch. Many kitties love something that will scratch, tickle and massage them all over. The Massage Center comes with a variety of massage pads that will give your cat nothing but pure, luxurious bliss.

There’s even a gum stimulator which massages and cleans teeth and gums, and a ripple massager which stimulates your cat’s head, neck and face. For an extra treat, there is an acupressure mat for paw massage. It comes with body stroke massage brushes that stimulate glands in the face and back and knead out any knots. What’s even better for cats is the catnip feature, which pushes the whole experience to another sensory level. The Catit Design Senses Massage Center can be used in combination with other Catit products, such as the Play Circuit and Scratch Pad.

  • Simon’s Cat Dangling Toy with Catnip

This toy is especially captivating for kittens who may spend hours completely absorbed by the soft little cushion on a string. The toy is based on animator Simon Tofield’s cartoon character, Simon’s Cat and is designed to capture the attention of even ADD cats and kittens. The puffy cushion is filled with catnip to entice your cat. Once tempted, the tinkling ball piques further interest. Finally, curiosity is aroused by a tantalizing rustle layer.

The cushion is attached to a string on a ring so you can keep your grip. You can pull the string to make the cushion thrash and leap about so that kitty will simply have to chase it. The dangle, the rustle, the tinkle and the catnip combine to get your kitty into the ultimate playful mood. It also give your cat a really good work out in the bargain!

Some people are reluctant to give their cats catnip because it’s a ‘drug’ for cats. Catnip is 100% natural and is actually an alternative is Valerian, which calms your cat’s nervous system. Catnip and valerian relieve tension and restlessness, and help your cat cope in new or stressful situations.

  • Zoolove Wellness Heart

If you like your cat’s toys to more natural and earth-friendly then try the zoolove Wellness Heart. The little plush toy is made from the kind of fabric that cats adore playing with. The heart is filled with natural valerian, lavender and aniseed, which most cats love and which encourage play. The heart also contains organic German spelt, which makes a fascinating rustle sound and moves in intriguing ways whenever your cat touches it. The whole toy is designed to tap into your cat’s natural hunting instincts. This keeps them mentally and emotionally balanced and happy.

The company is UK-based but it is possible to get the hearts in the US.

  • Wild Mouse Cat Toy with Microchip Squeak

Cat toys - catnip mouse

Cats can’t resist mice, right? So they won’t be able to resist this squeaky mouse that looks enough like the real thing to fool any hysterical musophobe. The mouse is covered in soft faux fur to make it enticing to chase and cuddle and has a microchip inside it that makes the mouse squeak when it is moved. It’s fun, it’s safe and it’s furry – what more could your cat want?

Most of these cat toys and heaps more can be found on Amazon.com.

Just for fun, take a look at this cute video where a man in Japan takes his cats ‘strolling’. Don’t let your cat see it, however, as they might get ideas.  You can also get some ideas for creative ways to keep your cats entertained, your furniture safe and your computer keyboard cat-free.