Yorkshire terriers look dainty and delicate but they’re working dogs who used to control vermin in the mines and textile mills of Yorkshire. So they’re pretty tough. Working yorkies are bigger and more robust than their modern companion lap dogs. They have their loveliness and cuteness to thank for that.

True to their terrier roots, yorkies are high energy dogs. People don’Yorkshire terriers pet dog insurancet realize this, which means they often end up in unsuitable homes. They’re notoriously difficult to house train, which is one reason many are surrendered to rescue groups and animal shelters. You can give a deserving Yorkshire terrier a loving home by contacting these groups and shelters. If your heart is set on a pedigree Yorkie puppy, however, research breeders thoroughly and choose one registered with and approved by Kennel Clubs and breed associations.

Yorkshire Terrier Facts & Information

Group: Yorkshire terriers technically belong to the terrier group, but miniature Yorkies or teacup Yorkshire terriers are classified as toy dogs.

Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Size: Small. Height: 6 – 9 in. Weight: up to 7 lb.

Temperament: Energetic, big personality, affectionate, playful, brave and occasionally mischievous.

Exercise: Yorkshire terriers enjoy regular short bursts of exercise. So instead of taking them for one long walk every day, they prefer three quick walks throughout the day. They also enjoy energetic bursts of play with their owners. So don’t be afraid to get out and throw the ball or pull on a tug toy.

little yorkie

General care: Yorkshire terriers are famous for their coat, so you know what you’re getting into when you get one. Coats require regular brushing and grooming, although you can keep coats short if constantly untangling knots is not your style.

Health concerns: There are some common health problems that plague the breed, so if you have a Yorkshire terrier you’ll want to keep an out for: bladder stones, cataracts, collapsing trachea (in older dogs), hip and knee problems, and retinal dysplasia. Get pet dog insurance as soon as possible after you get your Yorkie so you’re covered for most medical emergencies.

Final word

Yorkshire terriers are feisty little dogs with a larger-than-life personality. They need a lot of love and companionship, so don’t get one if you don’t spend a lot of time at home. Many people call them stubborn but they do respond to positive reinforcement training. They are great family pets and still hold their own as tenacious indoor watchdogs.