Australian Mist cats are a cross between Burmese, Abyssinian and Australian domestic short hairs. They were originally called Australian Spotted Mist cats. That is, until breeders created a marbled pattern.

Australian Mist catsTheir temperament is one of the reasons Australian Mist cats are so popular, as they combine the best of all their founding breeds. For example, the Burmese provides Australian Mist cats with a laid back nature. Abyssinian genes provide intelligence and moggies provide resilience and energy. Australian Mists come in six colors and two patterns: Warm brown, chocolate, lilac, peach (fawn), gold (cinnamon) and blue.

There are some Australian Mist rescue and re-homing organisations you can contact if you would prefer to adopt a cat rather than buy a kitten. If you want to buy an Australian Mist kitten, however, then you should find a reputable breeder who is happy to let you visit the premises to see the parents, meet the rest of the litter of kittens and inspect the living conditions.

Australian Mist Facts & Information

Life expectancy: 14 – 17 years

Size: Height: 24 in. Weight: 8 – 15 lb.

Temperament: Australian Mist cats are very friendly, affectionate, intelligent, playful and devoted. They love hanging out with their people. Your cat may even decide that your shoulder makes a lovely perch from which to survey the world. They get on well with people, including strangers, and are even good with young children. Remember: Young children should never be left with any pets unsupervised and should be taught how to treat and respect properly. They are highly trainable and can even be trained to walk on a harness and lead.

Exercise: As a breed, Australian Mist cats have moderate amounts of energy, which is best expended in interactive play. They love playing games with their families, like chasing tinkle balls and feathers on a string. You can train your cat to walk on harness and lead and take them for exercise. As intelligent cats, Australian Mists need some mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Puzzle feeders, cat trees and box castles go down well with the breed.

blue spotted Australian Mist

General care: Australian Mists have a short coat that doesn’t require a lot of grooming or care. A brush once a week will take care of their grooming needs, but they will appreciate the attention of more regular pampering sessions. As with all cats, dental hygiene and regular nail clipping are important.

Health concerns: Australian Mist cats are generally healthy and robust with few genetic problems to speak of. Some light colored cats might suffer from skin allergies and are prone to skin cancer.

Final word

Australian Mists make ideal family cats as they thrive on human companionship and also get along with other cats and dogs. They’re inquisitive and playful and like to poke around in whatever you’re doing just to be a part of it. They can be fond of water and quite like splashing about in the bath. They adapt well to indoor living, but will appreciate a safe outdoor environment so they can nap in the sun and keep a sharp eye on the local bird life. If you’re looking for a serious feline companion, then an Australian Mist could be the cat for you.